Technical support armoured vehicles maintenance

Bulugaya provides world-class sales and technical support armoured vehicles maintenance


With remote offices across South Africa, we are able to support vehicles manufactured by us onsite at your location (for small repairs). Our highly-skilled service technicians will assess your vehicle’s requirements and ensure that the work conducted of it is of the absolute highest caliber. Our sophisticated diagnostic equipment enables us to test every feature of the vehicle to specification and ensures that, when your vehicle leaves our premises, it is as good as new.

Research and Development

With criminals constantly honing their skills and improvising their tactics, we have to be a step ahead. For exactly this reason, we are continuously researching new ways of improving and strengthening our designs and equip our vehicles with the latest technology. As a testimony to our perennial pursuit for perfection, we already have several patents registered.

Auto-body Workshop

Since Bulugaya is a coach-building entity, we boast a fully operational auto-body workshop where we ensure that your fleet will have a professional finish. After all, it’s important to look the part when one is in the business of giving criminals what-for.

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30 Years’ proven track record. protect your vehicle against rust and dents without warping or cracking

The spray-on polyurethane industry is renowned for spray-on load bin liners. For 30 years these products have been tested under the harshest of conditions and have been shown to offer superior protection for load delivery vehicles.

Because our liners are spray-applied and cures within 30 seconds, they can be built up to virtually any thickness with excellent inter laminar adhesion.

These linings offer several advantages:

  • No explosive or fire risk as it does not build up static electricity;
  • Forms direct bond to surface giving an air- and watertight seal preventing corrosion;
  • Will not crack and warp from exposure to the sun;

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Sandblasting is usually used in the preparation of surfaces before a sealant or paint is applied. Sandblasting is effective in ensuring that there is no trapped dirt, bubbles or dust in the new coat of paint.

In launching little bits of abrasive at surface at a great speed, no imperfections are left and those remaining are loose and can then be easily washed off, forming a very smooth surface upon which to lay the new layer of paint or sealant. Sandblasting can also be used for projects such as cleaning the hulls of ships or large structures like bridges.

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