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Bulugaya Fidility New Hino 614 Cash-in-TransitBulugaya Engineering delivers Hino-based bullet resistant vehicle 5 Apr 2012 11:43 – Bizcommunity Read the original article at – Bulugaya Engineering, located in North Riding, Randburg, recently took on and met a very tight schedule to build seven Hino-based bullet resistant cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles for Fidelity Security Services. The order was placed on 9 February and the finished vehicles were supplied well before the end of March deadline. What made the challenge even tougher is that it occurred at a time when Hino SA had built out the previous Hino 300-Series 611 model and was ramping up production at its Prospecton plant near Durban, of the all-new 300-Series where the nomenclature has changed to 614 in line with a change in specification.Team had to work on two cabs



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The Hino 300 Series 6-1 is the truck of choice for the Protea Coin Group when it comes to cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles. James Engelbrecht, director of Bulugaya Engineering, which recently marked the completion of the 200th Amakhozi CIT vehicle at its Gauteng facility, says while there are a plethora of similar sized vehicles in the marketplace, the Hino 300 incorporates all the hallmarks required to make it the ideal high security CIT vehicle.

Chief among these are a robust chassis and thanks to its short wheelbase, a high, inherent   manoeuvrability factor allowing it to fit into narrow entrances and parking bays as well as providing excellent driveability in inner city operations.

In addition to the 200 CIT vehicles built from scratch, Bulugaya has mounted 100 refurnished Umkhulu CIT bodies from their original chassis onto new Hino 300 chassis. All the CIT units are owned and operated by the [...]

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